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Partner Program

We are offering you an opportunity to partner with Market Masters by giving 20% commission per referral!

We are simply just paying out our partners that refer and Market Masters handles the rest.

  • 20% commissions per referal

  • Recurring comission for subscription services for as long as the referal is subscribed

  • Unlimited earning potential

  • 1 Day Payouts

  • Tier 2 partner = 10% of thier sales

Have a freind who also wants to become a partner?
You will get 10% for every referal that they make by inviting them to our partner program!

Practical example:

Let’s use John and Steve.

1. John requests to promote Market Masters

2. John becomes approved to promote Market Masters

3. John looks at his links and see that Market Masters ALLOWS 2nd TIER AFFILIATES

4. This means that John can earn commission for promoting Market Masters directly, AND ALSO for any SALES from AFFILIATES HE INVITES to promote Market Masters

5. John copies the 2nd Tier link and gives it to Steve

6. Steve clicks the 2nd tier link and requests to promote Market Masters

7. Steve becomes approved to promote Market Masters

8. Steve copies his AFFILIATE link and begins to promote using this link

9. Steve makes a SALE

10. Steve earns Tier 1 commission

11. Because John referred him to Market Masters Partner Program using his unique request link (and is, therefore, the 2nd tier affiliate), he earns the Tier 2 commission (10%) for that sale.

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